Not as frozen as expected

The frost last night wasn’t as bad as had been expected.  I was tossing & turning til about 1am when I went downstairs to get a cup of milk to see would it relax me (it worked) and I saw the temperature outside was 2.4 degrees Celsius so not at all as bad as the -11 that was forecast.  -11 in this country sounds crazy, we’re not used to or equipped for this kind of weather.

So the upshot of the slightly less freezing weather, Marie can get out of the house today and see my beloved, yippee.  Stress headache is gone, I’m not liable to snap at my mother for the next couple of hours anyway, so all in all a good day.  And there is talk of a house party at N’s sisters house so it could get even better 🙂


Weather frustrations!

Ireland has been hit by a very bad freeze over the last few days, nearly bringing the country to a standstill traffic wise – we’re just not prepared or used to this kind of weather and how to deal with it.  And I have a mother who is the biggest worrier you could ever come across, and a boyfriend who is home, who isn’t in Dublin working, he’s actually home for longer than a 3 day period.  And he lives 15 minutes away from me, it’s not that far, and most of it is main road, but my mother is freaking out about me driving or being driven so now I’m getting a frustration headache because I want to see my boyfriend.  And I’m going to cry if I don’t, even though I only came home from his house at 3pm this afternoon after spending 24 hours in his company.  Go figure, I never would have pegged myself to be that in love with someone!

Happy Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas, to the 0 people who are reading this so far 🙂 might post longer later.

Christmas Eve…

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  No, they were too busy watching tv and gorging on chocolates :o) And tap, tap, tapping away on the keys of a laptop!  I’m hiding away in my sitting room/dining area watching Christmas specials of My Family and Father Ted and trying to avoid too much enforced time with the parents.  I find Christmas very, very hard with my family, being the only one left at home it’s kind of hard because one brother is in Australia so he’s hardly going to make it back to Ireland for Christmas, and another brother is up in Co. Clare with his wife and two small children, and they like to stay at home (to be honest we like it when they stay at home too, my brother & sis-in-law can be very overpowering!) and my sister & her husband have 4 kids who want to be at their house on Christmas so they can play with their presents.  And rightly so – I never wanted to leave my presents on Christmas day!

*sighs* Just munching in to a home made mince pie yum, yum, yum.

Anyway, it’s hard to deal with my parents on Christmas being the only one there, and no escape route because I’m not allowed to leave the house on Christmas Day except to go to mass.  I only hope that my boyfriend N will be able to come up for a bit, unless his family force alcohol on him 😆  But I don’t expect him to drive up to me on Christmas Day, not when I couldn’t return the favour.  And especially when the weather is so cold and the roads are so dangerous thanks to the ice.  He drove up today so we could swap presents.  I knew that he’d gotten me the entire M*A*S*H series on DVD (yippee – I love that show) but he also got me a horse calendar, a Nora Roberts book & a wee little Me to You teddy bear.  I must admit that I was half fantasising about an engagement ring (but now that I think of it, Christmas isn’t a great time to get engaged – it’s nicer when it’s a total surprise) or a Nikon D90 because he kept goin on about the camer that I want.  I’m relieved though that there was no big camera, because then I’d have felt like I didn’t spend enough on him, even though I still feel as though I didn’t spend enough on him.

Hello world!

My o my, Marie’s starting a blog 🙂 I want to hang out with the cool chicks on the net and become BFF’s with the cool blogs like Pioneer Woman, or Dooce or katie over at Confessions of a young married coupleSupenatural

Yum, yum, yummier than turkey on a Christmas Day

who’s blog I’ve become addicted to lately 🙂 So much so that I’m reading backwards through her archives, so i’m up to the point where she’s told everyone she’s pregnant, with the bean, and I want to respond & jump up & down, but then I realise, this is over a year ago, the bean in now a baby, coming up for six months or so, so it’s just a tad too late to get all excited about her pregnancy.  Unless I want to stir up some rumours on her page, and that would just be cruel & unusual punishment!

So Instead, I’m giving ye, the readers or 0 readers, as I’m guessing a nice little surprise in the form of Jensen Ackles, the uber hot brother out of the Supernatural series :doools: I figured that maybe, if I started putting up pictures of hot guys in some of my more random posts where there’s nothing to say, and just that everpresent tumbleweed just tumblin on by, a hot guy to look at is always a bonus 🙂

And now I’m sidetraced & i really don’t know what to say!!!Now, I think I’ll just go and wander, try to figure out how to make my journal look cooler than it is so far!